Thursday, December 04, 2008

E is for...

E is for Elliot, the second cutest baby born this year. His parents are my dear friends, Matt and Betsy. His aunt is this chick. I was thinking of Elliot when I created the letter E page for the alphabet book (note: this piece is actually not quite finished, but it's close enough). Matt and I share an unhealthy obsession with the Eames Lounge Chair, so it was an obvious item to include in the picture. I guarantee the day I get the Lounge Chair my ass will be glued to it for a week straight! What will happen to our children if they grow up and don't appreciate mid-century modern furniture? I shudder to think of such a thought. Hopefully the little guy will like this piece of art inspired by him (you'll get it for your nursery soon, Elliot, I only have 21 more letters to go!)

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