Friday, September 22, 2006

UNDFTD Silverlake

I was so busy last week with the show opening that I almost forgot about the opening of UNDFTD in Silverlake. I just happened to be in the area putting up posters for the show, so my timing was incredibly lucky.
The store itself is pretty nice, and is much larger than the other 2 stores, but there is something missing in the design and detail. It's just not quite as nice as the other storefronts. However, they do have more room (although more room does not = more shoes for some reason) and they use the extra room to display their accessories (hats, t-shirts, Nike Air-U-Breathe jackets). The clerks are super nice and helpful, as usual, and the place is always packed (the two times I have been there). I do wish that they would carry the VISVIM line at the store, but they said that they were only available at the La Brea and Santa Monica stores. In case you were wondering, yes, I did sell enough paintings at the show to pick up at least one new pair of shoes and I will be taking a long hard look at the VISVIM Skynard ring. Check the site for all the info:

Monday, September 18, 2006

Opening night for the Igloo Tornado

Thanks to everyone who made it out to the show. Especially Matt and Betsy, who came in from Austin just for the opening. Everyone had a lot of fun, and I think that I speak for the entire Igloo when I say that I am glad it is all over and I can't wait to do it again (next year).

Monday, September 11, 2006

Hanging the show

here are some pictures of the igloo in action, hanging our work at the Black Maria Gallery.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

New work for the Igloo Tornado Show

If you are interested in a sneak peek at the work I will be showing at the Black Maria Gallery on Saturday the 16th then click here losergoes1st artwork