Friday, February 02, 2007

Edison Bar

just wanted to be on top of the game and tell everyone to make sure and check out the Edison bar downtown. It's on 2nd street before you hit Main Street, down an alley behind the Pitfire pizza joint. The place is absolutely incredible. It's a huge old boiler room converted into a fancy bar. Words can't do it justice, just check it out for yourself.
*Note* I wrote the above post before the Edison bar officially opened. Everything I have heard about the bar since it has opened has been terrible. Dress codes, velvet ropes, needing a "reservation" to get into a bar!?, expensive drinks, etc... all add up to a really cool looking bar for people that i do not want to be drinking with. You'll find me a few streets over at the Bar 107 (right next door to the best shoe store in LA, Blends) drinking a 24oz Pabst, or perhaps a can of Schlitz.

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