Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Igloo Book

The Igloo Tornado book will consist of 4 separate books (one for each member). Each will be 64 pages long, soft cover, perfect binding, matte paper. The sleeve that will hold them together will have our family portrait on the back and the Quadra-Penquin Icon on the front. They are basically fancy catalogs to showcase how awesome we are. They should be available for distribution by July.


kingdomforavoice said...

Sounds nice. My email is i can't wait to come out to LA(especially after spending a frozen weekend in Maine). But i'm really easy to entertain so don't you guys put yourselves out on my account.

kingdomforavoice said...

I stood in a frozen puddle of gas the second time i wore them and they smelled like gas the rest of the night. Have you seen the skull wheat Air Max 90's?